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India drop 10 places in FIFA rankings, out of top 100 for first time in four months

India Drop 10 Places In FIFA Rankings, Out Of Top 100 For First Time In Four Months

India's drop in the rankings come despite them winning the friendly tri-nation series at home against Mauritius and Saint Kitts and Nevis. This was followed by a 2-0 win over Macau away from home in the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers

India have slipped out of the top 100 in FIFA rankings. In the latest rankings, India are ranked 107th, as opposed to 97 that they were before this. India have most recently played against teams that are far below them in the rankings as opposed to other nearest teams. This ends a nearly unprecedented four-month stay in the FIFA top 100.

India defeated Macau 2-0 away from home in the AFC Asian Cup qualifier before which they won a friendly Tri-Nation series against Mauritius and Saint Kitts and Nevis. Their drop in the rankings may only be a momentary occurrence considering the volatile nature of the rankings when it comes to the lower rungs. India now have 315 points, as opposed to 341 they had earlier.

Germany have taken the top spot in the FIFA rankings once again after the conclusion of the latest leg of the World Cup qualifiers. With 1606 points, Germany have leapfrogged Brazil to go top of the world rankings. Germany have won all eight of their qualifiers for Russia 2018.

Portugal, meanwhile, have replaced Argentina in third place with 1386 points. Portugals’ qualifying campaign was brought back on track in their most recent matches. European teams, in general, have gained on their South American at the top of the rankings largely due to the former playing two matches as opposed to the one played by the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and so on.

By: Express Web Desk Courtesy: published on Sept 14, 2017

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