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Zomato the best place to work

Another Step Towards Making Zomato The Best Place To Work

At Zomato, we’ve committed to work-life integration and workplace sensitivity as core to employee happiness. Last month, we went ahead with a new 26-week parental leave policy – a move that has been largely appreciated by our employees, the media and our peers. Through the feedback, we realised that whether folks were parents or not, they were touched by our empathy. It was humbling reading all the emails and texts.

We have always believed that a meaningful alignment of people’s personal and professional goals allows us to bring our best to work.

However, we can’t be done yet; there’s a lot of work to do. After all, parental policy can’t merely stop at leave policy, it must extend to parental care – and much more as well.

With this belief in our hearts, we recently inaugurated our first in-house creche — in partnership with Ipsaa — at our headquarters in Gurgaon. Parents in our organization with children between the age group of 6 months up to 7 years are now availing this option from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. And the entire facility carries zero cost for zomans.

Some of the activities provided here for the children include book reading, storytelling, clay modelling, music, sensory development, language and communication, motor skills and coordination, mobility and exercise. The creche has been designed keeping in mind a child’s need for space and nurture.

In our organization, there are several parents, who have been depending on family members or creches outside for child care. We have tried to lessen their domestic worries as they would be relieved to know that their children are barely a few steps away from them — at any given point of time. Most importantly, with this initiative, we hope to provide a stress-free daycare option for Zoman parents.

By all accounts, it has been an encouraging start but the idea doesn’t end here for us. We are already working on expanding this facility and introducing creches to other offices in various cities — where we have large teams.


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