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Diet tips for your kids when it’s raining outside

Tummy-friendly Diet Tips For Your Kids When It’s Raining Outside!

Monsoon time is a happy time for everyone provided you can ignore the traffic hassles and the occasional bouts of cold and flu. However, it brings additional doses of fun for the little ones. But, it’s a different story for the parents as monsoon is a constant source of worries such as infections, missed school days. Doctor visits etc. that your kids go through during this time of the year.

The worries can be kept at bay if you plan the diet of your kids, a little carefully. Here are some easy tips which would help you to plan better -

Load them with immunity-boosting food: choose the ingredients smartly and load their diets with immunity-boosting foods. For example, choose Turmeric in your daily recipes. Turmeric, a powerful antioxidant is a great immunity-boosting spice. Seasonal vegetables and fruits have phytonutrients which are essential to fight various kinds of infections. Just be careful with the raw veggies and fruits as during rainy months, sometimes they come with dirt and mud. Washing them thoroughly in clean water should take care of this problem.

Hot Soups: who doesn’t love a warm bowl of nutritious and tasty soup? Soups are tasty, nourishing and are the perfect recipe for the monsoon season. By serving various kinds of soups to your kids, you can take care of their vitamins and minerals intake without filling their tummies. Go on, load their soups with their favorite vegetables or protein, but keep it light.

Avoid the raw & the uncooked: make them stay away from raw/uncooked foods at any cost. This will keep them safe from stomach infections. Avoid salads, raw chutneys, cold sandwiches, cold cuts, sushi etc.

Go nuts over nuts: kids like to chomp on crunchy nuts like cashews, almonds and walnuts. Make them an interesting mix of toasted dry fruits which are brilliant sources of vitamins and antioxidants. They are high in protein and sources of good fats as well.  

Dairy is good in any season: almost all kids hate milk. Try to indulge them by replacing milk with tasty milkshakes, smoothies and fruit yogurt which will break the monotony and at the same time, will keep them full and happy!

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