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Top Indian Airlines which are doing well in spite of tough time

Top Indian Airlines Which Are Doing Well In Spite Of Tough Time

India is a growing market for air travel; however, the Indian sky is not free from trouble, especially at recent times. Though, each year, the number of travelers in India is increasing, both in business and leisure categories. Air travel has become accessible for more number of travelers now with lower than before fares and increased awareness. The competition in the airline space is enormous and because of which the airlines are serious than ever before to better their services to allure passengers.

Here’s a list of the top airlines in India:

Vistara: The new kid in the block, Vistara is a full-service domestic airline which started its operations in January 2015. Vistara is a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata Sons and is headquartered in Delhi. The airline has a fleet of 24 Airbus A320 and 6 Boeing 737. After the debacle of Jet Airways, Vistara is arguably now India’s most premium domestic airline. They offer economy, premium economy, and business class seats. Vistara’s on-time performance record is pretty commendable.

IndiGo: One of India’s most loved low-cost airlines, IndiGo is now the number one carrier in the country on the basis of the size of the passenger base. It had the highest market share in the Indian airline market – 39.6% as per 2017 data. IndiGo, being a low-cost airline, doesn’t offer premium on-board services like free meals or in-flight entertainment services; however, you can expect to be on-time, most of the time as they have one of the best on-time performance records in Asia.

Air India: Indians have a love-hate relationship with Air India! This list of the top airlines in the country would be incomplete without India’s national carrier airline. This government-owned airline flies to both domestic and international destinations. As per 2017 data, Air India is the third largest domestic airline in the country in terms of passenger base and had a market share of 13.3%. Air India has a fleet of 172 aircrafts out of which 87 are owned and remaining is leased.

SpiceJet: Close to Air India in terms of market-share (as per 2017 data) is SpiceJet which is a low-cost airline and headquartered in Gurgaon. It had a market share of 13.2% in 2017.  The airline, which has been growing consistently and expanding its fleet, is trying to go for an image make-over doing away with the tag of ‘low-cost’ tag by offering premium services. As of July 2019, SpiceJet operates 306 flights daily to 35 Indian and 6 international destinations and has a fleet size of 107.

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