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Sure ways to be a good traveler

Sure Ways To Be A Good Traveler

Sure ways to be a good traveler

Travelling is bliss. To be a good traveler is essential. It’s important because we should respect our world, the environment, our fellow travelers, other countries and their cultures, people and their conveniences, as we travel.

Every traveler should keep this in mind that certain basic ethics on co-existence are to be maintained no matter where we travel to or who we go with.

Listen and plan

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Consider connecting with a local when you set yourself on a journey to a new place. Travel planning can be taxing and to do that like a pro, you need to prepare yourself well in advance. Trust us; travel-apps don’t know it all. Reading good travelogues will certainly help but if you really want to see the place like a local; you have to turn to them!

Try and befriend a cab driver while moving inside the town, ask the waiters politely about the best dishes that are available on a restaurant’s menu. More than often starting a conversation with the bartenders or the waiters or the cabbies will give you good insights about the place.

However, in case you are traveling solo (especially if you are a girl), you should be careful with whom you are interacting. Keep your guards on, be friendly but don’t encourage over friendliness and you are set to sail!

Be respectful

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The only way to get respect is to give respect.

Our world is full of beautiful monuments and installations. Especially the popular destinations which see a large influx of tourists tend to experience more damage to their public spaces, tourist attractions etc. Be careful and empathetic as you travel. Follow the local rules, respect fellow travelers if you are traveling in a group, make others aware as well.

We should remember that if we respect other cultures and national treasures of others, our own would be respected too when they come to our country. So, be respectful to the people, the places and the animals, too.


Be nice and kind

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Taking out your stress on the persons next to you is the easiest thing to do. You may be in rush or you may have missed your train, but taking out the frustration on the bellhop or the waiter is the worst form of manipulations. Try to remember that they all are human beings too beside representatives of an airline or a hotel.

Think how you would have liked to be treated when you are flying in an airplane or traveling in a local transport. Treat your fellow passengers in exactly same manner and we will have a world full of humble and good travelers.

Dress appropriately

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While traveling, you don’t have to dress to kill!

But it will go a long way to know what's appropriate to wear where you're going. Dressing styles vary widely in different parts of the world, sometimes even within states, cities or areas. In many instances dressing in certain manners may be regarded as inappropriate. Hence, it’s better to do some research and plan your wardrobe as per the culture and convenience of the place you are going.

It’s a nice way to represent your own culture when you decide to wear your own dresses while traveling in a foreign place. Whatever it is, don’t forget to respect the place and its culture.

Authored: 9amstories editorial

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