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Simple ways to keep your home stress free

Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Stress Free

Stress has become an everyday word for most of us. No matter if you are a working professional or a home maker varied degree of stress seems to have taken over our lives in ways more than we could imagine till a few years back. Stress related diseases are going rampant; we are getting short tempered and more agitated day by day and sometimes giving in to deadly addictions to combat stress.

There’s a beautiful way to fight stress and we somewhat tend to ignore it many a times. It’s out HOME, our private refuge of solace and rejuvenation. No matter if we live in a large apartment with family or in a studio flat all by ourselves, we can always make our home or at least a corner within it – our DESTRESSING zone.

Please note that you don’t have to spend a bomb to make your home a stress-free zone. Apply your own ideas; you don’t have to follow any rule here. Here are a just a few suggestions to get you started. You are welcome to customize according to your taste and needs.

Sometimes simple hacks go a long way to bring big differences. ‘Stress-free’ living is not a myth; start today, by making your home free from stressful energy!

  • 1. Segregate: Whether it's a whole room or just a corner make one spot in the house your personal place for unwinding and distressing. Similarly create a corner/desk for chores and boring jobs such as staking up utility bills, medical documents etc. Color-code your corners accordingly. Make up your mind that when you are at your happy corner, you won’t bother yourself with stressful, mundane thoughts
  • 2. Make your bed every day: "The state of your bed reflects the state of your head," says Zen Buddhist priest. Make sure you organize your bed every morning before you leave for work. You won’t want to come back to an undone bed, late and exhausted in the evening – trust us!
  • 3. Discard: As we move on in life, it’s better to get done with pent-up emotions, toxic past and anything which reminds you about it. Make some time in a weekend and make your home free from past memories which don’t matter to you anymore. Tear old letters, throw away broken gifts, donate anything that’s intact and can be useful to a needy. Bet, you will feel rejuvenated and lighter at the end of the process
  • 4. Green corners: Studies show that green significantly reduces stress and it indeed helps if you keep house plants and/or flowers. Keeping plants inside your home has a secondary benefit as well. Growing plants in itself is a creative and de-stressing activity and will also add a soothing and beautiful element to your interior
  • 5. Managing chores: It’s extremely helpful if you maintain an organizer for daily chores and can stick to it religiously. For example, you shouldn’t postpone doing your utensils to the morning and should get done with it in the evening only, after dinner. This will keep your house clean, devoid of unwanted stinks and eventually help you to feel better
  • 6. Colors: Colors play very important part to reduce your stress level. Hotter tones like yellow, orange, red etc. may give your interior a bold look but bright colors are known to play upon your mood and tension level. Soothing colors like purple, green, blue etc. would be better ideas for your walls and your furniture if you are fighting stress


Welcome home!

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