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Making Your Home Interiors Look Good On A Budget

We all want our homes to look sophisticated and chic. Yet sometimes our budgets restrict us – are our Pinterest and Houzifydreams just pipe dreams? No way! Here are five inexpensive ways of making your home look worth a million.

Start Neutral, But go Bold

By starting with a neutral colour palette, we are not only designing a sophisticated look but allowing the room to grow with you. Yet go bold on an accent wall. This will pep up the space and give the room a focal point. If you wish to refurbish in future, changing upholstery and décor will do the trick.


Tip: In the bedroom highlight the bedroom wall with an inexpensive wallpaper. Try opting for loose furniture so you can play around with the layout.


Less is More

Designing with this philosophy in mind is so important in our homes. Giving each interior space a piece that is a balance between function and aesthetics is vital. When we declutter, we give the important pieces in the room to shine.

Tip: Painting a heavy wood furniture piece white also de-clutters the details and makes the space look elegant.

Layer in Décor – Eclecticism is in
Now that we've painted the walls and bought in some furniture, yet your house doesn't feel complete. A luxurious home always layers. The details in the layers are what make the big difference. It gives it a personal touch. Adding throw rugs, cushions, photo frames, plants, books and décor is what binds the furniture with the room.

Tip: Mixing and matching design from different eras is the next big thing. An old Rajasthani door can be converted into a swanky display shelf for your travel essentials.

Mirror it Up
Using mirrors and coloured glass really lightens up the space and gives it an illusion for a larger space. Back painted glass for wardrobes and kitchen backsplash takes the space to another level. Decorative mirrors in the entrance lobby or a large standing mirror in one’s dress area can reinvent a room for those on a budget.

Tip: Your dining wall can be personalised with a customised laser cut mirror pattern that can reflect on your dining table.

Lighting Essentials
Using accent lighting to highlight décor and furniture pieces can add drama to once a boring entrance or bedroom. Lighting is the most cost effective way to transform cave-like rooms into warm and inviting spaces.

Tip: Hanging two pendant lights at different levels above a designer furniture piece can transform your reading nook.

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