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Foodhall: For the love of ‘Gourmet’ food

Foodhall: For The Love Of ‘Gourmet’ Food

The word ‘Gourmet’ has already claimed its space in Indian dictionary, especially in urban locations. The credit of bringing gourmet food into the Indian kitchens goes to a handful of premium food stores besides star restaurants. Among other similar category stores having presence in Indian metro cities, the Future Group baby ‘Foodhall’ stands really tall and away from the crowd because of its unique positioning and characteristics,

Foodhall has outlets in Delhi, Mumbai (Bandra & Lower Parel), Gurgaon and Bengaluru in India. The brand brings an array of gourmet ingredients, gifting options, party planning service, a range of gourmet beverages etc. the brand has categorized there offerings into many sub brands such as ‘Blue Ribbon’ for gifting items which are suitable for special occasions such as weddings, festival, birthdays etc., ‘Party chef’ which is the spread of party special items such as dips, canapés, sushi and other platters.

If you are a tea lover, don’t forget to step in to the ‘The House of Tea’ which has a collection of exotic teas from all over the world. Similarly, ‘Arqa’ the collection of premium spices from across the globe celebrates the love of Indians for spices.  ‘Bustaan’ brings the premium range of dry fruits, seeds from Iran to California.

This goes without saying that one needs to have a deeper pocket to satiate the love for gourmet food as these things are sure costlier than your regular day-to-day grocery items. However, gourmet food is popular for what they offer – the experience! Unlike regular food, gourmet food is not for satiate just your hunger but it entices all your senses and takes dinning to another level.

Next time you want to try your hand on an international dish or want to impress your loved ones by serving something totally exotic, plan a trip around Foodhall. 

(Image Courtesy: FutureGroup)

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