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The role of Warehousing in today's Economy

The Role Of Warehousing In Today's Economy

Domestic as well as international trade is one of the largest sources of employment for thousands of people all over the world. There are a number of firms that manufacture different types of goods that are either sold in the same country or exported to other countries.

However, profitable trade would not be possible without the presence of warehousing and distribution facilities. Goods need to be stored safely so that they can be shipped to the right location at the right time depending on the demand for the same.

  • Efficient business: There are several products such as agricultural and dairy produce, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods etc that need to be stored in a clean and safe environment. Goods are often stored and shipped in batches as and when the demand arises. Importers and exporters depend on warehouses to store items before they reach the final consumers.
  • Effective distribution: Storage and distribution is an important step in the supply chain management. Hence, it is important to store goods in warehouses that are equipped with the necessary modern facilities such as dust-free storage, cold storage if required, online inventory management and security systems. Warehouses that have all these facilities are certainly worth the fees that you pay them.
  • Business development: Before a business can reach new markets and introduce new products to consumers, they need to have enough stocks stored away safely to meet projected demand. Again, it all boils down to warehousing and distribution. Not just manufacturers, but wholesalers and distributors highly rely on the use of 4PL and 3PL logistics providers.
  • Saving capital investment: More and more firms are opting to hire the services of a warehousing firm. This is a smarter idea because owning and operating a warehouse requires considerable investment and not all firms can afford it. Small firms, especially stand to benefit from the services offered by warehousing firms. It helps them to reach out to new markets across the world without making a heavy infrastructure investment.

Thus, it is clear why more and more firms are increasingly depending on the services of a 4PL logistics provider. In the recent past, there has been a clear shift from 3PL logistics to 4PL. This is happening because fourth party logistics providers add more value to the overall inventory management and timely distribution of products. Now, it is clear that warehousing and distribution is one of the most integral parts of interstate and international trade. By outsourcing this aspect to a reputable firm, you can save significant time and money by focusing on other strategic aspects of your business.

By : Gunjan Johar | Real Estate Analyst & Home Decor Blogger

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