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Artificial Intelligence News 2019- Technology Trends

Technology Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

2019 is going to be the year of disruptive technology. Many industries will get shaped and transformed for better with the help of this technology. Not just shaping industries, disruptive technology is also expected to open up new avenues of research and innovations.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT: Artificial Intelligence a.k.a AI is already a buzz word in the world of technology and engineering. Going forward in 2019 also it will continue to be a trend as we have seen just the beginning of the massive possibilities that AI has. AI would develop more in areas like mimicking human intelligence and carry out tasks such as recognizing of images, speech etc. Wayblazer uses language recognition API for the travel industry. Spotify, the music and video streaming services uses deep learning to provide music recommendations.

MACHINE LEARNING: With AI innovations, machine learning will continue bringing scientific breakthroughs in 2019. AI and machine learning will converge to produce better outcomes. Advancement in learning languages like machine learning etc. will make AI more powerful. China is going to remain in the forefront of AI advancement. Google is one of the biggest brands to use machine learning algorithm.

SUPERCOMPUTING: Though Quantum Computing is still an emerging technology, it is one of the most significant development scientists have been working on. A fully developed quantum computer a.k.a. supercomputer would surely change of the face of the human civilization.

AUGMENTED REALITY: More research in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will remain a talked-about technology in 2019 as well.  Till now we see more of R+ (AR, VR & MR summarized) in Video gaming; however, moving forward we would see more of it in engineering, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries.

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