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Dangerous  Android Apps

Stay Away From This Dangerous Android Apps If You Love Your Phone!

Apps are our friends, no denial of that, but are they all worthy to be trusted? Unfortunately, no! Google Play is a great place for developers who build Apps and want to earn money, but not all of them have the best interests in their minds. Apart from making killing your phone, these Apps can do some more serious damage such as collecting personal data from your phone; share your personal information with third parties, even stealing money from your bank account. So, be aware and delete them ASAP if you use any of the below applications:

Weather apps: If you have a habit of checking for weather updates, frequently, make sure that you do that using a browser directly from a search engine. Initially, weather apps were extremely popular, later on; it was found that a lot of them inflicted viruses in the system. A weather app had an in-built Trojan that collected the data from the user’s phone and sent it to the attackers. Especially they care for your credit card data.

Optimizers: Most of the modern smartphones have optimizing functionalities installed in them. You can use them without worrying to clear your cache and delete unnecessary files to make your phone work faster. However, installing an App to do the same is often not a good idea as these Apps make the battery life of your phone shorter. Instead of making your phone work better and faster, more than often they slow it down. So, avoiding them is a good option to ensure the longevity of your phone.

Antivirus programs: This category of Apps developed by unknown developers is most dangerous. Hackers from all over the world are creating their own anti-virus Apps which are capable of stealing personal data from your phone including bank details, credit card details etc. Not just stealing data, a few of these Apps are even capable to completely block your phone. To avoid any untoward incident, you need to make sure you’re installing a full-fledged security package from a known source.

Battery Saver & Fast Charge: You have to understand that an App cannot change your phone faster than its original ability. So, the way a battery saver cannot save battery life of your phone, a fast charger App cannot charge your phone faster even though they claim to do so with the help of all those fancy speed graphs and cool animations.

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