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Smart Speakers

Best Smart Speakers To Buy!

Smart Speakers are like cute personal assistants albeit more efficient at times! They don’t just present to you your favorite music or audiobooks but also help you with your daily briefing, manage your appointments and control your Smart home devices. Smart Speakers are big blessings in small packets. If you are planning to buy one, here are some help for you:

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen): Amazon brought the Smart Speaker trend in India and this product from them is just brilliant. The Echo dot is smaller than the Google Home Mini and weighs just 163 grams. It sounds amazing and allows you to easily call on Alexa, from anywhere in the room, even in a noisy environment.

Google Home Mini: This product possibly offers the best audio quality in the market and it also looks very nice in spite of being very small weighing only 173 grams.  which allows you to put it almost anywhere in your house. This speaker comes in a very nice Charcoal color which gives it a stealthy look.

Eufy Genie: This device uses Amazon’s Alexa as its underlying assistant and sounds a bit better than the Amazon Echo Dot. This device can do everything that an Alexa can do, like setting up reminders, texting, calling, managing smart home gadgets etc.

Sonos One: This device comes under premium category. This speaker is probably the best sounding speaker around and packs two Class-D digital amplifiers, a tweeter and a mid-woofer along with adjustable bass and treble controls.


Google Home: The Google Home speaker measures 5.6 inches (h) and 3.79 inches (d) which makes it handy yet sturdy.  The Google Home packs a pair of woofers with 51 mm drivers which ensures an incredible sound quality.


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