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All conveniences at your doorstep – a bane or a boon?

All Conveniences At Your Doorstep – A Bane Or A Boon?

Life has not been the same as before since we have started living our life around the mighty Apps on our smart phones. Starting from food to grocery from call cab to medicine, the list is bottomless. With the rapid development of technology and a host of start-ups (and some MNCs too) coming with indigenous ideas, we are no short of getting used to having every facility at our doorstep by simply clicking a few buttons on our mobile phone. Is it all good or are we becoming a little too dependent on technology, negotiating some hassles for ourselves in the process?

While conservatives have always been skeptical about the emergence of new technologies and the subsequent shifts in lifestyle, it was but obvious that they would surely come up with their opinions of the new generation becoming lazier with all these Apps bringing everything within reach. But it’s a proven fact that there are more benefits than problems that these Apps have brought to us. Take, for example, the cab booking ones like Uber and Ola. Gone are those days when office goers in metro cities were at mercy of the ‘autowalas’ and their whims and fancies. Now, the App based cabs offer more comfortable AC rides and it was definitely a welcome change for a large section of the city dwellers. A few years down the line, things are not all glory and rosy though. With a strike almost every month by the Ola and Uber driver partners, unreasonable surge price and other troubles like unruly drivers, parking issues etc., complains are a little too many.  Likewise, if you visit the social media pages of the food delivery Apps like Swiggy, Zomato or UberEats, you would see swamp of negative comments by the customers venting their rage for varying reasons such as delayed delivery, non-refund of money, etc. So, coming to think of the boon of food delivery Apps, it’s again not all hunky-dory out there.

When Bigbasket brought massive thrust to their marketing campaign by bringing in Shahrukh Khan as the brand ambassador, it became a household name among Indian consumers who were not much exposed to online shopping of vegetables, meats or kitchen essentials. There is no doubt that online grocery shopping has its own benefits but like the cab booking Apps, the delivery Apps too need to have better customer service and probably better technological support.

Like all other technological innovations, the App based businesses too are going through a learning trajectory as they grow and it’s a matter of time before they fix the bugs and present more acceptable services to their customers. 

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