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Why Hire a PR Agency for a Real Estate Event?

Why Hire A PR Agency For A Real Estate Event?

In the world of information and publicity no industry or business can ignore a proper PR strategy when planning a corporate event.

Event is an important component of a brand’s marketing strategy and provides a great opportunity to highlight a brand’s image, marketing objectives and reputation.

Irrespective of the purpose for hosting an event, it’s a wise call to include public relations early in the event planning. There is more than one reason why PR will play an important role to make any kind of event, a success.

Public relations, be it the traditional channels or new age manners, can effectively secure attendance and even generate sales. A proper professional PR agency will also help obtain sponsors and advertisers, create the proper kind of buzz within the industry and influence media to cover the event if that’s one of the objectives.
Here is how an event should be planned with the help of PR tactics.

Pre Event

It’s important to develop a PR plan around the event well in advance. After outlining the strategies and channels for communications the PR agency will start inviting the media from across the channels. For a real estate brand, this phase of the PR exercise can be used for brand awareness; key messages can be conveyed to the various target audiences in a professional manner.

Pre Event exercise is an excellent way to generate brand awareness and create network of contacts.

Media Turnout

Without the help of a professional PR agency, it’s a very difficult task for a brand to ensure maximum quality turnout. No matter what kind of event we are talking about, be it a Symposium or a Seminar, a Project launch or a simple Meet-and-Greet gathering, presence of a PR agency can help the objectives, tremendously.

When a PR agency approaches the media and other influencers for an event, the brand’s visibility improves and going forward that helps to generate business.

Media Management

A professional PR agency will manage the media effectively on the day of the event. It is very important that the media houses that are present at the event are pleased and impressed suitably so that the brand gets the coverage it deserves.

Another critical role a PR agency plays at the event is to take interviews/bytes for content generation purpose.

A professionally managed event helps a brand greatly to build brand awareness and generate new business.

Post Event

The role of a PR agency doesn’t end with the Event, it goes well beyond it. The agency will make sure the Press Release & Media Kits are mailed to the proper database. PR agency also helps writing the releases and preparing the media kit.

Another important role of a PR agent is to circulate event pictures and other important documents such as Media Dossier etc. to not only the attendees but also other invitees who couldn’t attend the event.

By Sangeet Hemant Kumar
Director, RealtyCORP Communications

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