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Times property investment & homebuyer show kicks off in style, sets the mood buoyant!

Times Property Investment & Homebuyer Show Kicks Off In Style, Sets The Mood Buoyant!

There was tension in the air, there were apprehensions everywhere, and people became cautious and watchful; the biggest ever Indian demonetization drive took everyone by surprise! The mood was rather solemn, until this morning, until Times PROPERTY INVESTMENT & HOMEBUYER SHOW takes off in Mumbai!

One of India’s oldest property expo - Times Property Expo’s 25th edition presents numerous opportunities to the exhibitors and the visitors. The unique characteristic of this prestigious event has been the premium nature of the products that are exhibited and the high profile attendees. The majestic international event is famed to bring together a dynamic bouquet of real estate tycoons and quality players of varied profiles from the growing realty sectors of India and different parts of the world.

Here’s a dekho from the star-studded inauguration ceremony:


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With the likes and like as participants and a diverse range of premium segment properties, Times Property expo is set to present the choicest of options and number of high-profile deals are expected to happen over next three days.

As the real estate sector sails through an interesting time, a lot of challenges and a number of reforms and new policies, the anticipation is high and expectations are high from one of the biggest property shows in the country. This is the 25th edition of this high-status show and the previous editions saw extremely favorable and positive response.

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