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Rivali Park - Smart Gardens

Rivali Park - Smart Gardens

Inputs by Mr Harjith.D.Bubber MD & CEO, Rivali Park, CCI Projects

Sustainability being the need of the hour, modern landscaping has become a hot trend these days. Nothing offers you more joy than the idea of being surrounded by the aura of blissful gardens and greenery.

A garden can add character to any home, office or restaurant. Contemporary gardens are more suited to welcome and create an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Gardens initially were those typical small spaces in the outdoors which were very limited to any kind of contemporary additions. This concept has witnessed a drastic change in recent times. The gardens which were initially only an outdoor affair, today has made its entry into indoors as well. Indoor gardening is the modern way to accentuate one’s home decor.

If you have tried all ways and means to up the look of your abode but still feel there’s some missing element, you must try and bring in some lovely plants indoors. Fresh plants and flowers are sure to bring a positive aura and an atmosphere that will enhance your mood and health.


Indoor gardening will add a fresh appeal to your home interiors with the fragrance of fresh flowers and plants growing indoors. However, if your home follows a modern look, having a traditional garden will look really outdated. These days the term indoor gardening is picking up at a fast rate. The major question that comes to mind while we consider gardening is where would people who don’t have balconies, patios and outdoor areas grow their green foliage. The answer to all these questions is to start growing indoors. Add a touch of delight to your mundane interiors by bringing in some lovely indoor plants. If you are an enthusiast of indoor gardening, the areas like living room, bedrooms and even the kitchens are great spaces for gardening.

Lend your guests a green vibe by flanking your entryway with lush green planters. You can add an all-green symphony to your living room with the installation of a living green wall. This will add a natural feel to your space. A vertical wall in the bathroom may be an amazing idea if you are looking at transforming the look of your bathroom. Taking a bath amidst the green foliage will lend you a feel of dipping into a woodland pool. Mounting a freestanding tub near a green wall will give you the desired look.

You can also create interesting, low-maintenance, miniature gardens indoors. Most kitchens echo a boring look, but with indoor planting you can surely vouch to pep up the look of your kitchens. Adding a live herb garden can leave your kitchens spilling over with greenery. Having edible plants growing in your kitchens are the most functional gardens you can grow indoors. Single narrow planters fit well if you have a windowsill garden. Mason jars are great to use for indoor herb gardening. You can make use of all the available vertical space by hanging small baskets of plant stands. Although these plants will add to the look of your kitchens, ensure that these plants will need plenty of sunlight to grow. If you have a small home, use of miniature plants will help make your space look bigger.

Traditional Gardens
While we invest a great deal of time, effort and money in accentuating one’s home interiors, the outdoors also demand equal amount of attention. Moreover, stunning outdoors are bound to complement the indoors. Gardens traditionally would make use of a plenty of floral plants, shrubs and trees leaving less scope for any kind of outdoor activities. On the contrary, modern day contemporary gardens limit the use of plants leaving more scope for outdoors to blend with the indoors.

Contemporary-styled Gardens
The modern gardens have a more concrete patio as compared to the old-styled gardens; the pergola which was initially built by wood, today has been replaced by steel elements. These gardens make use of good amount of lights either natural or artificial along the pathway and water features, to make the space look more dramatic. Elements like stoned walls, different variations of plants and ample of seating spaces add to the charm of the gardens.

Today it’s a popular ritual for most outdoors to make use of a Buddha figurine to accentuate the look of the space and to add a tranquil aura. Gardens near the pool area are an awesome way to relax. Glass enclosed gardens with private seating adorned with garden accessories are also gaining a lot of traction. Use of pergola with teak and timber furniture sets in geometric shapes help accentuate the space all the more.

Modern day gardens are more relaxing and calming, thanks to the modern landscaping that are low in maintenance and more emphasis laid on hardscape. As per the modern trends plants with bold outlines and shapes lend a clean look to the gardens, while subtly coloured concrete pebbled patio can make it an inviting space. Great and comfortable seating arrangements that encourage conversations are other important elements which also add a function touch to the gardens in recent times.

Garden Patio’s
Patio sets have been designed to embellish the gardens in the most beautiful way. Hence if outdoors is what you prefer you might as well think of investing in a good and durable set since these come with unlimited amount of benefits. You can sit on the courtyard and enjoy the outdoors, read a newspaper or enjoy the sunset sipping over a cup of coffee.

Patios will definitely enhance the look of your garden and the vast variety of choices available in the market today makes your buying decision all the more difficult. Available in a wide variety of materials and colours like oak, cane and wicker, these will definitely beautify your gardens. Wooden patio sets made from different types of wood are very popular today. Teak patio sets have been used for centuries and is still popular because of the durability of the material. Try adding accessories like umbrella’s, and lights to add to the ambiance.

Light Fixtures
Gardens and lighting go hand in hand. You cannot think of a garden without finalizing on a proper light fixture. One has to bear in mind that the ambience of the garden during the night is totally different from what it looks during the daytime. Your gardens glow with the natural lights during the daytime, why not give them the virtual glow during the evenings.

Complement your gardens and give them the much-needed glow by using the right kind of light fixtures. LED light fixtures are often used these days to illuminate the gardens during the evenings. Apart from LEDs, one can also opt for ambient lights, warm lights, backlights and front lights. You can also add a lot of effect to your gardens by adding colour changing lights. Either natural or artificial, lights will surely make your gardens glow. Also use of lights around the garden pathway will add to the look of the space.

Types of Contemporary Gardens

Vertical Gardens
Gardens in modern times come with a lot of smart variations like indoor gardens, vertical gardens, speciality gardens, woodland garden’s and water gardens to name a few. One of the biggest promoters of green design and sustainability, the vertical gardens are today the most popular gardens commonly seen either in homes or in commercial and hospitality segments. A vertical garden is nothing but a green wall that is partially or completely covered with green plants.

These gardens can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be either free-standing or attached to the wall. These new and innovative gardens work well if you have a bare wall. You can grow these vertical planters on the wall and see the wonders for yourself. Vertical gardens will only grow vertically, thus leaving a lot of space for horizontal growth in the gardens.

All you have to do is to choose a wall on which you want the green plantations to grow and build a frame with a plastic sheet where you want your plants to be placed. Since these gardens need to be watered regularly, many vertical gardens come with an in-built irrigation system. After you have chosen the plants you want to see in your vertical gardens, you can start inserting them in the vertical wall.

Indoor Gardens
Today most people who have love for gardening prefer to have indoor gardens. One can experiment a lot when it comes to having indoor gardens. These gardens can come with beautiful additions like swings, fountains, stunning lights, faux grass and plants, pebbled flooring and open skylights which allow plenty of natural lights to peep in to the gardens.

Water Gardens
Knowing the fact that the sound of water adds to appeal to any gardens, water Gardens is another form of smart garden. These gardens occupy a lot of space and are best for outdoor gardening. These feature fountains, waterfalls, streams and small ponds.

Rooftop Gardens
An amazing alternative for urban gardeners, rooftop gardens is the most popular form of gardening when it comes to smart gardens. The only difficulty in rooftop gardening is extreme climate conditions.

Container Gardening
These days’ containers are also for gardening purpose. This is an awesome technique for people who want to transform their balconies or verandas into blissful gardens.

Formal Gardens
Another type of smart gardens would be the modern formal gardens which feature geometric shapes like squares and triangles and comprise more of plants than flowers.

Mediterranean Gardens
These types of gardens are great if you wish to highlight a part of your patio. If you prefer to have a Mediterranean garden, you can make use of terra cotta pots. Today DIY gardens are also popular among most people who love gardening.

It is not always necessary that gardens be really huge spaces, smartly-designed compact gardens will look equally appealing with the modern touches. They should be designed to be an extension to one’s home.

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