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Nirvana Realty’s unique project, Wollywood, delivers on all its ambitious promises!

Nirvana Realty’s Unique Project, Wollywood, Delivers On All Its Ambitious Promises!

Nirvana Realty, the largest player in Maharashtra’s second-homes market, has earned its reputation by introducing unique concepts, delivering quality homes and most importantly, keeping all its promises. It’s these qualities that helped it bag the coveted DNA Property – Developer of the Year Award for 2016. This month, Nirvana continued its glorious run from 2016. It delivered all its promises to the first batch of Wollywood home owners. Wollywood is a unique Bollywood-themed township in Wada, which even Bollywood’s Dream Girl Hema Malini approves of! Nirvana just handed out possessions of the homes, not just in time, but ahead of it. That’s a real estate story you’re most unlikely to hear!

Wollywood was launched, with great fanfare, in November 2014. Brand ambassador Hema Malini introduced the dream project, by booking the very first apartment with Nirvana’s smooth, secure online system, which was a first of sorts in the Indian realty sector.

On its launch, Nirvana made very ambitious promises to all its prospective buyers. And this month, with the advance delivery of its homes, they have kept their word. On-time deliveries are rarity in the Indian real estate sector. And before-time deliveries are practically unheard of. By keeping its promise, Nirvana Realty has set a new precedent in the Indian real estate sector.

Said Mr. Punit Agarwal, CEO – Nirvana Realty, “Ours is a young company, built on very strong ethos of trust and quality. We spend a lot of time in planning every project, so that every contingency is accounted for. Our team works hard to keep all things on track and keep our home buyers updated with every development. Wollywood is one of our most ambitious projects and we are ensuring that everything is perfect and on track. Its work is underway at a brisk pace.

The first of the four phases is complete. All others are also scheduled to be ready, as promised. The momentum is infectious, and it will reflect on all our in-development projects. We are aware that this before-time delivery is a rarity in our sector and it delights us to surprise our home owners. It’s our way of showing respect to not just them, but also towards our own word. This is just the first of many more promises that will be kept. And with every project, we will aspire to keep this benchmark going!”

Wollywood was the first project in India to introduce a subscriber-based initial booking system, a fair and path breaking way to allot homes. It’s safe and quick online system further smoothening the otherwise cumbersome home booking process. Wollywood is a theme-based community sprawled across 50 acres of lush greenery in Wada.

It’s designed to be the perfect weekend home, with its low cost, wide choice of apartments (1 RK, 1 BHK, 1 BHK Spacious and 2.5 BHK), gymnasiums, children’s play area, badminton court, infinity swimming pool, club house, skating ring, community hall, walking tracks and a host of other lifestyle features that every home owner yearns for.

But what makes it truly special is its Bollywood theme, where everything is designed to make you feel like a superstar. Imagine this: a gorgeous entrance lobby to welcome you, intricately designed street lights that lead the way to your home, film-themed temple to pray in, a Bollywood library to spend long hours in, spotting your favourite star on the Walk of Fame or even better, bumping right into them at your dance class! Wollywood truly brings the life of the superstars, well within the reach of the common man. Because everybody deserves a great lifestyle at affordable prices!

Nirvana Realty has delivered 6 projects in just 7 years, an astounding turnaround time for the sector. With the handing over of the first batch of apartments, Nirvana is ensuring that all others are delivered at as brisk a pace. 9 buildings in the first phase are complete and possessions are already underway. As these home owners will soon live their Wollywood dreams, many others keenly await their turn! With Nirvana’s award-winning track record and astounding dedication, they wouldn’t have to wait too long! And if you want to be a part of this story, go ahead and book your home today!

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