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Mr. Pratik Patel, Director of Rajesh Lifespaces

Mr. Pratik Patel, Director Of Rajesh Lifespaces In Exclusive Talks With 9 AM Stories

Only a few developers understand the dynamism associated with Mumbai’s real estate ecosystem the way Rajesh Lifespaces does. For over 50 years, Rajesh Lifespaces has been creating landmark projects both in residential and commercial segments. As a group, Rajesh Lifespaces stands for unmatched business ethics and utmost commitment towards their customers. Many iconic projects such as Raj Residency, Raj Sarovar, Raj Manor, Raj Classsic adorn the Rajesh portfolio. Also, an ambitious line of ongoing and upcoming projects stand testimony to the impressive growth of the brand.

In an exclusive talk with 9 AM Stories, Mr. Pratik Patel, Director of Rajesh group shares his exclusive launch story on Raj Torres, an elite project at Ghodbunder Road, Thane (W), Mumbai.

1. Tell us about your new project Raj Torres

Raj Torres aims to create a lifestyle which will be an amalgamation of functionalities and contemporary amenities. We’ve centred it around the concept of #PracticaLiving! Raj Torres denotes a home and environs which caters to all your possible needs. Homes here provide easy access to important landmarks making it a convenient location for you and your family. Replete with amenities befitting your lifestyle, your home fills you with content. More so with retail stores close-at-hand, your dose of retail therapy brings both glamour and everyday needs into your life. A functional classroom, an expansive dance studio and a crèche, are some of the features which will leave you enthralled.

2. How do you see the Indian Real Estate market evolving in the near future?

A lot of positive sentiments are making rounds within the real estate fraternity. With the implementation of RERA, transparency & accountability of the real estate sector is going to improve significantly, leading to more streamlined investments. The overall growth of the industry will gain great impetus. Customers and investors will surely look at the real estate industry with more pronouncements.

A lot of awareness can be seen around sustainable living and green projects in recent times. Many developers are building projects keeping in mind the importance of eco-sustainable measures and their responsibilities towards larger societies. We are also seeing digital media bringing a lot of positive changes in the industry. With digital media evolving every day, customer-behavior is changing, so are their expectations. Information is abundant and easily available which makes it doubly important for developers to be truthful to their customers. The e-commerce space again, is immensely enabling and opens up a lot of opportunities for both the developers and the customers.

3. What business goals you have set for your brand in next 3 years?

Our focus has always been very clear and unflinching. Our customers are our biggest strengths and we are committed to placing their interests ahead of everything else.

In the coming years, our quest for exceeding customer expectations will continue with reinforced resolve. We also intend to maintain on-time delivery of projects and aspire to expand to geographically diverse locations to satisfy demands and growth.

Rajesh Lifespaces believes in keeping pace with advancing technology and is a strong advocate of implementing these new technologies for the betterment of overall functioning of businesses.

4. As a CEO and entrepreneur, what do you see as the most valuable thing you can provide to your organization as a leader?

We as a group hold onto fair business practices at every level of operations. I try to instill this very quality of absolute transparency in my teams and believe in communicating with them as much as possible to keep things uncomplicated. As a business leader, I trust my team and their abilities with ideation. I am also involved with processes and continuously try to implement latest technologies and practices to enhance the capabilities of my team.

5. If you could give any advice to our readers who are planning to invest in a property what would it be?

I would recommend, buyers entrust and invest their money only with developers who are of repute and have a proven track record in the market. It is very important that everyone investing in a property, conduct a proper background research of the developers, he/she is considering, along with their investment potential. This will help them make an informed decision and safeguard their purchase.

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