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Mr. Dhaval Parikh, Partner Dhaval Developers

Mr. Dhaval Parikh, Partner Dhaval Developers, Shares Story Of Becoming A Renowned Brand & The Wa

Please tell us about Dhaval Developer's journey so far; the early days, the difficult times, the achievements and the motivations that define your success story?

The key management team of Dhaval Developers is from the business era of the mid 80s, which soon hit back with the 1991 reforms, but not looked back since then. The foundation of the company was laid in early 2000. The motives were fresh, and goals high! The company by then had build one tower of 7 floors in Kandivali.
Real estate was not the sole motive of the company when started, but soon there was some kind of momentary ease, which was sinking in handling real estate in the home city of Mumbai. Since then we bagged Juhu, Kandivali, Malad almost the whole hinterland of Suburban Mumbai. Now where we come from is dealing in raw land, highly litigated properties, diverse extended skills in getting the project to lay its’ first brick. Gradually, after the great recession in 2008, the projects started shaping up and we entered mainstream development. 

But the real project started in mid-2015, when the industry started facing tumbles. Here we are with two highly approved ambitious projects in hand with future in our hands to change the scenario of the micro markets forever. A lot many exitingprojects are lined up for coming years, roughly about 5 million sq. ft. of development is being planned.


What's your opinion about the present scenario in real estate industry, how do you think GST and RERA are going to impact business? Do you see positive changes coming?

We are really positive in terms of the regulatory changes coming in the industry. We were always concerned for the matter of fact that the buyer was always kept in the shadow, real-estate being the black-hole in terms of money.

This will bring the much-needed discipline in the country, dealing all buyers in the best respect. RERA is still at the drafting stage in Maharashtra, but will soon be applied, Mumbai having the starkest impact. With this Act, all the dirt in the industry will have to surrender to the law, which had highlighted the malpractices in the industry, giving the industry its bad name in recent times.

We expect to have the good virtue soon, after the setback of 2 years. In terms of GST, there is a lot more clarity needed, but we are assured this government will be buyer focused, therefore the end user need not worry about the implications.

Tell us about your ongoing project Sunrise Charkop. This is believed to be a luxurious project within the reach. Can you please tell our readers more about the project? Are you offering any special scheme/s to the buyers at present?

Sunrise Charkop, is a beautifully placed tower, set amidst natural surroundings but merely 3.8 kms from Kandivali Station. Breathtaking views of the lush natural foliage are a treat to the eyes. This project reminds the buyer of safety, security, homeliness, de-clutter of the urban jungle, family & living life in the moment. It is much more than just a project for us, as this is the biggest project for us, and as someone says the artist takes the longest time to make his first painting. It is very carefully crafted with most futuristic in terms of value and conservation of natural resources. 

When we talk about any scheme, it is always the benefit being passed to the buyer. In this frantic uncertain market, we are focusing on delivery and the core fundamentals of the project. The project price positioning is the strongest scheme in itself. The open message to all the buyers about communicating the scheme is, that they come to us as if they’re buying their house we will have all the points referred and develop a tailor made scheme as per the buyer’s flexibility and concerning their best possible interests.

We came to know about the next upcoming project from Dhaval Developers - Sunrise Orlem at Malad (W). Please tell us who are your prospective buyers for this project and what can they expect from Sunrise Orlem?

Sunrise Orlem, is not a massive apartment complex, but we are offering merely 67 limited edition apartments. The project has the advantage of 3-sided road access. The Marve Road junction being less than 500 meters apart, the residents will have the best possible un-cluttered connectivity. Orlem Church is a sacred place for locals and we are highly obliged to be present in this location with such rich, diverse history. The project boasts6 storeypodium and a swanky 2 storey Health club for its residents. The unit sizes of our 2 Bhk& 3 BHK apartments are the best in the area, giving the buyer the best in its class space advantages. With 2 flats on each floor in both the towers, the buyer holds big advantages in terms of security & privacy. The apartments delivered will be tailor-made style with deep attention to detail.

The prospective buyers for this project are the natives of the area who have seen this place shaping from its start.

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