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Haware Properties wins Power Leaders 2016 Award

Haware Properties Wins Power Leaders 2016 Award

Haware Properties is a prominent name in Mumbai’s real estate industry. The group has facilitated more than 60 million sq. feet of developments in residential, commercial & retail sectors. This is one such real estate brand which puts customers first and every project of theirs is built on a solid base of research and dedication and commitment.

Recently, Haware Group has won POWER LEADERS 2016 AWARD for their latest successful affordable Nano-housing projects at Haware Properties: Haware Pinnacle, Kalyan & Haware Paradise, Kalyan at the hands of Lord Loomba, House of Lords, UK. “As much as this is a huge delight & an absolute honor, it’s also that much more responsibility on our entire team going forward. Thanks so much for your motivation & blessings” says Amit Haware, C.E.O. & Joint M.D. - Haware Properties.

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