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Cheerful Home for the singletons

Cheerful Home For The Singletons

Shine till the bachelorhood lasts!

Well, we’ve had enough of these internet humors about being single and happy. We all know how difficult it is to manage a home on our own, how tiring it can get at times. But keeping that aside staying alone has its own pluses such as living on our own terms, being able to alter/modify anything and everything in our house, not having to answer anyone about coming late/sleeping late etc. etc…

A bachelor’s pad is often imagined to be an untidy cramped space, stinking of unwashed cloths and utensils – gloomy, littered and shabby. If you are living alone in a personal space, please ask yourself whether it has to be like this? How difficult it would be to follow these simple tips and live in a hearty, healthy and bright space you can call home!

If you can’t afford a designer to do up your space, try these DIY tricks -

  • Avoid clichés: Buying home is not buying a bag of chips! Even if you are married now and would need to take quick calls, home buying decision shouldn’t be taken in hurry. A wrong home or an unsuitable neighborhood will plague your family for years or even decades. Set your priorities right; a bigger home or a better location, connectivity or better amenities and like. Consider your future family expansion planning so that your compact 1 BHK doesn’t fall short when you become parent a year after
  • Identify your purpose: A proper research is of utmost importance when it comes to buying a property. Real Estate developers don’t really enjoy a good reputation for delivering homes within promised timeline. This research should include the information about the properties in question; both internal floor layout-space as well as external amenities. In addition, research on the neighborhood such as proximity to local schools, hospitals, business centers etc should also be done thoroughly
  • Colors & Lighting: Whether you decide to go via an agent or any online portal, checking the reliability and track-record of your agent is a must. Sometimes, choosing a traditional real estate agent can be proven to be beneficial. Real estate agents may have knowledge about the area that you may not have; also they can negotiate a better price on your behalf. In absence of a trusted agent, you may want to explore the modern ways of choosing your home such as property listing portals
  • Avoid white: Lease and license agreement is an accepted address-proof document and is going to be really helpful in case of bank transactions/official processes. Don’t compromise on this one and do insist for a valid registration process. You can save time by doing it online as well (in cities like Mumbai)
  • Plan your storage: Last but not the least, planning your finance is an absolute necessity. Marriage brings a lot of additional expenses; you may feel the pinch immediately. Don’t let your worries go up by adding further factors such as unplanned home loan or wrong repayment plans. This planning you should be on top of your priority list and should start long before you decide to tie the knot. Choose a loan which is correct for you. There have been a lot of changes in policies, income tax mandates in recent times, so do your research properly and see how you can avail of only the best option. Don’t hesitate to consult an expert in case you are not aware or lack information.


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