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Affordable housing, Cj Group & Navi Mumbai real estate landscape

Affordable Housing Without Compromising On Quality: Cj Group & Navi Mumbai Real Estate Landscape

World’s largest planned city, New Bombay a.k.a Navi Mumbai is the new hotspot for real estate roar after Mumbai. While the city of Mumbai is getting crowded with each passing day, Navi Mumbai is becoming more popular as real estate destination for both residential and commercial sectors.

In an exclusive talk with us, Mr. Jugal Modi, Director of Cj Group, shares his thoughts and valuable inputs about his business and future expansion plans in this region.

Do you have a launch story to share with us?

Project launches remind me of glamour, lavish parties, celebrity guest and all that jazz.

But now as we entered into affordable luxury segment our launch strategy has changed significantly. Now we are more focused on providing more value for our customers in form of better amenities and features. Our motto now is cost optimization as the customer segment in question is not believed to have extra money but investing everything that they have. They are very cautious as they are investing whatever they have plus taking future liability for next 15 to 20 years. We as an organization owe a lot to our customers, both emotionally and morally.

How do you see the Indian Real Estate market evolving in near future?

I am very positive about the future of real estate industry in India with numerous infrastructure projects materializing. Market for affordable homes is developing fast as lucrative subsidy like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna is helping people to fulfill their dreams of owning a home. I trust, housing for all by 2022 would play major role in booming market for affordable segments.

What business goals you have set for your brand in next 3 years?

Our main mantra is quality deliveries at every stage, timely delivery and affordability for every segment of customers. Also we are planning for some diversification of business.

As a CEO and entrepreneur, what do you see as the most valuable thing you can provide to your organization as a leader?

If you could give any advice to our readers who are planning to invest in a property what would it be?

Invest wisely, check background of builder. If builder is selling at rate lower than prevailing market rate, don’t be happy yet! It’s a first indication that he is under high pressure. We believe today’s customers are smarter and difficult to fool

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