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What Does Solo Travel Do To Your Life?

Long before ‘solo travel’ became a social media fad, truly adventurous souls have explored unchartered places, on their own and came back enriched and as better people.

When we travel in a group, be it with friends, family or strangers in conducted tours, we move with restrictions. On such cases, we move in groups, as per itinerary set by group conductors and there are many things which we or don’t get to do, to accommodate plans and wishes of others. That’s why, once in a while, we all should plan to spend some time alone, away from the mundane life and familiar locations.

Here are a few benefits of traveling alone:

Finding solitude - In our so-called connected world of internet and digital conversation, we are fast becoming detached from our own selves. Solitude gives us wonderful opportunities to get reacquainted with our own thoughts, talk to ourselves and introspect. Once in a few months, we should plan to take a break, even if it’s just for a couple of days, to travel solo and rediscover ourselves.

Pursuing hobbies – In our busy lives, we do not really get time to do what our inner ‘us’ wants us to do. Things like reading, writing, nature-walking, cooking are examples of such hobby activities which are difficult to cultivate within the madness of our daily lives. If you are feeling strong about not spending enough time doing what you really like to do, think about a few days break and travel somewhere, alone. This will give you time and opportunity to pursue your hobby and it’s guaranteed that you would come back, recharged.

Future plan – Every now and then, we need to take a pause and reassess our life choices. These choices include our career decisions, interpersonal relationships, personal growth etc. If we don’t make time off, we won’t really get to think about them on daily basis. That’s why it’s important to go solo somewhere so that we can rethink, reconsider and plan our future without any disturbance from any fellow travelers.

Boosting confidence – There are a few among us who face confidence challenges once in a while. In our growing up years, we mostly remain surrounded by family and friends and in the process; a few of us grew up to become individuals with compromised confidence. When we travel alone, we face different issues which we are needed to tackle on our own. Finding ourselves in a ‘situation’ and learning how to make our way out, is probably the best way to boost confidence.

Travel planners and organizers are many in numbers and there are a few who have solo travel plans to offer. Explore makemytrip, or for great deals on hotels and other types of accommodation.

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