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2019 Safety Holi Tips

Useful Tips For A Safe Holi!

The festival of colors is here and while we can’t wait to get soaked in colors and make merry, it’s one occasion when we really can harm our eyes, skin, hair etc. Let’s see how we can keep ourselves safe from harmful chemicals and still can have fun.

Applying oil in the hair from root to tip is a sure shot way of protecting it from the colors. If you coat your hair with good quality hair oil such as Lotus Herbals, Dabur, Bajaj, Dove, Indulekha etc,, your hair will not hold much of colors and when you wash it after Holi, it will return to its original health. Ponytails and braids are good options to keep your hair tied and unexposed to an extent.

When you play Holi, you spend a lot of time outdoor and tend to forget the harsh effect of sunlight on your skin while having fun. So, a sunscreen is a must for you on the day of Holi. L’Oreal, Ustraa, Kama Ayurveda are among the good brands which have good sunscreens to offer.   

Footwear is another important consideration and you should totally shelve your sneakers or expensive leather shoes while playing Holi and bring out those rubber flip flops for the occasion. Flip flops are mostly washable, so you can easily wash off the stains and your toes will thank you for keeping them free and ventilated while playing Holi. Skechers, Nike and almost all other leading brands have good quality, comfortable flip flops to offer.

Not just your face but also your arms, legs and other exposed body parts need special care before colors are splashed. So, choose a good quality lotion and apply it all over so that colors don’t penetrate deep through the skin pores. Nivea, Himalaya, Ponds etc. brands offer good body and hand lotions; you can choose as per your preference and budget.

We wish all our readers a very happy and safe Holi.

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