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Best Music Apps-Saavn-Gaana

Top Music Streaming Apps To Keep You In The Groove

If there is something which can uplift our moods; it has to be MUSIC! Our unconditional love for music keeps us up and running, every day. From Bollywood music to hip hop, from metal to soft rock, from regional songs to instrumentals, we Indians have a taste for everything!

If you are a music lover and are looking for some good music streaming apps, here are some tips for you:

Saavn: Though the name suggests that it’s an app developed in India but this music streaming app was developed in the US. The developer is of Indian origin, which explains the name. This app is supported on Android, iOS, Web, UWP, etc. and offers a very good collection of Bollywood songs. The paid version of this app is Saavn Pro which will cost you INR 99 per month.

Recently, JioMusic & Saavn Music integrated to launch the JioSaavn app.

Gaana: Gaana was among the first music streaming services in India. This app has a vast collection of movie songs and albums in various Indian languages including Hindi which can keep you entertained for hours. This is a free app and offers unlimited streaming of songs, but they don’t have an offline mode.

Apple Music: How can one forget about Apple, the creator of iPods when it comes to music! Though it’s not the cheapest music streaming application, but it offers one of the most easy to use services available. If one has an Apple ID, he can stream unlimited songs on all Apple devices. What is more convenient is that five people can use the Apple Music service at the same time.

Amazon Prime Music: Amazon Prime Music was launched in India for the purpose of Amazon-Alexa integration. Later on, they became compatible with multiple operating systems like iOS, Web, and Android. Amazon Prime also provides services for streaming movies, series and online shopping worldwide.

So, next time when you crave for some melody, you know where you should be looking at!

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