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The big, fat, glittering Indian wedding!

The Big, Fat, Glittering Indian Wedding!

A typical Indian wedding is often extravagant and is a multiple-day affair. No matter which state or region it is, an Indian wedding is typically one of the biggest events of one’s life. Though the extravaganza is not universal and majority of Indians can’t really afford to spend a fortune in a wedding; however, over-the-top marriage ceremonies are surely getting bigger and more popular.

In an Indian wedding, traditions play a major role with a numbers of rituals take place over 3-4 days before the wedding day. Wedding events vary greatly as per communities; however most of them involve singing, dancing, delicious food and a lot of camaraderie.

Affluent Indian households have embraced western culture and some of the wedding practices, too. This fusion is reflected most significantly in the matter of food and we often see Chinese, Lebanese, Italian, Japanese cuisines claiming spaces in Indian wedding reception menus.

Another new trend which is gaining huge popularity is appointments of wedding planners. Gone are those days when chacha, mama, bua, mausi, cousins used to double up as organizers in Indian weddings. Nowadays, even in budget marriages, professional agencies are taking charges and soon it’s becoming more than a fad but a necessity given the busy lives that we Indians are living these days.

A bridal make-up of any culture remains incomplete without the delicate touch of jewelry pieces which takes the make-up to another level and makes the bride look her best on her wedding day. In some Indian families, jewellery pieces are carried forward by generations and handed over to the newly wed bride, normally by the elderly women of the family. With time, the preferences of modern Indian brides are changing and stylish, lighter, designer jewellery pieces are taking places of traditional and heavy pieces.

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