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Ganesh Chaturthi celebration with intelligent brand product integration!

How Brands Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, With Intelligent Product Integration!

Whenever a festival is celebrated in India, brands of all kinds come up with witty communication to grab the attention of consumers.

Ganesh Chaturthi is no exception. Here are a few of those interesting product-integrated communication you would like:

Mercedes-Benz India said that they hear to the troubles of their customer as Lord Ganesha hears to his devotees.

[Courtesy: @MercedesBenzInd]

Another automobile giant Volkswagen India wasn’t behind. Their communication was a brilliant play on their logo while they asked us to ‘Feel His presence’.

[Courtesy: @volkswagenindia]

India’s e-commerce giant Flipkart was very clever to mention that Ganapati Bappa is the original ‘Wishmaster of Happiness’.

[Courtesy: @Flipkart]

India’s favorite airline, Indigo was very subtle in their communication where they had used their brand color and house-font in a smart manner.

[Courtesy: @IndiGo6E]

Another brand beautifully used its brand color. ICICIdirect had a simple yet eye-catchy communication.

[Courtesy: @ICICI_Direct]

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