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Summer Tips  2019

Here Is How You Can Beat The Heat!

Summer doesn’t spare anyone! The scorching heat is harsh on our bodies, our temper, and our day-to-day activities. Let us share some simple tips with you which will help you to combat the heat, better1

Water saves the day: There’s no substitute of water when it comes to cool our bodies. It’s very important to keep your body hydrated and cool; especially when you’re sweating a lot because of the summer heat. No other drink is cheaper than water and thankfully, it’s still available to most of us.

Cold food: Stay away from that oven as much as you can! Fill your refrigerator with juices, fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables such as cucumber, watermelon etc, which would help you to keep hydrated and cool. Make your food refreshing and delicious by adding ingredients such as lime, mint, rock salt etc. Avoid spicy and hot food as much as you can.

Chill your beddings: A great way to have a comfortable night’s sleep is to cool your mattress, pillows etc. by using sort gel icepacks. The same icepacks can be kept under your legs, neck or back as well for extra comfort. Try this for surprisingly excellent results. Flamingo Cool Pack is a good option and is available on Amazon.

Chrysanthemum Tea: Being a natural coolant, this helps you to keep cool. Try sipping on this tea, hot or cold. Tai Ju sells loose tea leaf tea on Amazon.

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