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Healthy drinks for your kids

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids

Do you find it difficult to keep your kids hydrated? Are you confused about what drink would be the best for your little ones? Here is some useful information for you:

There is no doubt that water and milk are the two best drinks for the kids and one should keep them completely away from all types of sugary drinks such as packaged fruit drinks, flavored water, energy drinks or soft drinks.

Though water is the most essential drink for the kids as it keeps the body hydrated but it does not contain all the essential nutrients required by their bodies. This is why kids should also consume milk and freshly made fruit juice, regularly.

Milk being the most balanced and complete drink for the kids, should be consumed by them, daily. In urban areas, where obtaining farm-fresh milk is a challenge, packaged milk of renowned brands such as Amul or Nestle are good options. However, parents should be careful about the fact that some kids can be lactose intolerant and the kids who are so, can’t consume milk. Milk or no milk, kids should also be given adequate fresh fruit and vegetable juice as they are the natural source of nutrients. However, parents should be careful that any artificial sweetener is harmful for kids, especially their teeth. So, one should stick to natural sweeteners such as honey or dates to make them appealing for kids.

Another challenge for the parents is to bring variety in the taste of the drinks so the kids find them interesting for daily consumption. Smoothie is a good option as one can mix and match flavors of various fruits and veggies and one present interesting flavor combination for the children. Try different taste such as tangy, sweet or a little spicy, be innovative and your kids are going to love their drinks.

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