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Famous places in Mumbai where you can take your pets

Famous Places In Mumbai Where You Can Take Your Pets

There are just a few places in our city which are pet-friendly. Hence, most of the times, we just sadly leave our pets at home before we step out for fun activities or dining out. But as we see, the time and the trend are changing, slowly and new places are coming out in Mumbai which don’t just allow pets but a few of them are meant to entertain them.

If you have a pet and you don’t like to leave them beside while going out, here are a few places in Mumbai which you can consider visiting. Here’s a list:

Furrybells – People who love their pets know how much it means to have their pets groomed at a professional place. It will be a delightful experience for your pets and yourself if you take them to Furrybells at Goregaon, the pet grooming service provider.

Bagel Shop – Bagel shop at Bandra, west, not just welcomes you for a scrumptious meal but also opens its door for your pets. Head to Bandra one day to enjoy tasty bagels, smoothies or sandwiches while watching your pets play, happily.

The Dog Park – Every Dog lovers know how much they love to socialize. There is a place in Bandra, Mumbai which is a perfect place for where your Dogs can play and socialize. The Dog Park on Carter Road, Bandra not just provides a large area for dogs to play but also allow you to organize parties for your Dogs.

Zoobar – Zoobar at Vile Parle, Mumbai is famous for the right reasons. Zoobar organizes pet brunches and events for your pets. In case you are planning to treat your pets, they have a special menu for pets.


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