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Delayed flight? Here is what you can do to pass time

Delayed Flight? Here Is What You Can Do To Pass Time

Once in a while, we all have experienced unexpected flight delays or long layovers and probably wondered how not to be bored sitting at the airport. As this is a fairly common phenomenon, we thought we should give out some useful tips to you! Here are some:

Making plans for the upcoming time – When you are traveling to a city or a country, you might be traveling for work or leisure. No matter what the purpose of your upcoming trip, you would get some extra time to plan ahead when your flight is delayed or you are in transit. So, it’s a good idea to utilize the time at the airport to make itineraries, do bookings and things like that. This is even more useful in case of a delayed flight as in that case, you are looking at a delayed arrival at your destination point and would have less time to complete the assigned activities.

Take a long walk and observe – In our busy lives, we don’t get much time to stroll around much. In case of a delayed flight or a stop-over, instead of sitting and getting bored, it’s a good idea to take a leisurely walk through the airport. Most big airports have branded stores, activity centers such as Spa, Gym etc. and you can explore them if just walking around doesn’t appeal to you. However, just walking around watching travelers from around the world can be an enticing experience in itself, for some.

This idea may not be very effective in smaller airports. In such cases, you might think of taking a guided, short city trip if time permits.

Serious reading – Are you an avid reader? Do you like visiting bookstores, every now and then? Free time at an airport is when you can do both. Pick a book or two of your choice and if you like reading, you won’t even realize where the extra time flew by. However, make sure that keep an eye on the displays in case you aren’t sure about the wait time, as most of the airports are silent ones, these days.

Therapy animals – This one is a little off-beat idea but would work wonderfully if you are lucky to have been stuck at an airport which has this facility. After a stressful trip or just like that, explore if you have this facility; you stress would go away, for sure!

In India, most airlines are known to be on time except unavoidable circumstances. The private low-cost airlines Indigo has actually maintained an enviable record for timeliness.

(Image Courtesy: Abu Dhabi World)      

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