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Yoga Juru Mats | Celebrate International Yoga Day

Celebrate International Yoga Day By Choosing Juru Mats

If you are looking for a fitter and healthier body or simply want to lose weight, you may opt for physical exercise or joining a Gym but if you are also looking for peace of mind, a positive mindset and overall wellbeing, then YOGA is your only answer!

Yoga is not just another form of exercise, but it brings immense benefits to our minds besides our bodies and that ensures total health happiness.

If you have made up your mind about taking up Yoga, today is an excellent day as we celebrate the International Yoga Day. And if you are already well into practicing Yoga, then, continue to remain healthy and fit.

When we say Yoga, we think about Yoga mats, don’t we? The global yoga market is pegged at $80 billion (as per 2018 report) but still there is hardly any alternative available to us for the commonly-available PVC mats which brings with it the germs and dust. Most brands which sell Yoga mats, ask for a premium price. So, what is the alternative? Here’s one local brand you should know about:

Puja Borker the founder of Juru mats was introduced to yoga in her early twenties, and soon, she understood its powers. A native of Chennai, Puja shifted to Bengaluru where she got certified as a yoga teacher, to start teaching yoga part-time. Taking inspiration from the struggle with her mat, Puja did some research and wanted to make mats which would be natural without compromising on the grip. That’s how Juru Mats started its journey and from there it went on to become one of the first 25 startups by Amazon's Launchpad Programme.

Right now they sell Juru Yoga mats of various categories such as Chakra, special edition, Dhyana Cork, Mandala Cork etc. Juru also sells Cork Yoga block sets, Yoga mat bags, Yoga pillow, cotton Yoga strap, Boister, Yoga sand bag, Plank mat, etc.

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