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Best Dating Apps in India 2019

Best Dating Apps In India For IPhone And Android Users

Online dating is gaining momentum in India and being a young country, more and more Indians are joining the bandwagon. Though, except metro cities, it’s still an alien concept to use an App for dating where most wouldn’t validate it yet; it’s surely getting bigger and bolder.

If you are looking for a romantic partner, a casual date or something more serious, here are some help for you:

Badoo: It is one of the world’s largest dating apps with more than 400 million users and it is present in 190 countries. The functionalities of this app are similar as Tinder, but it offers a more detailed interest-based search to present better matches for you. Verifying phone number and validation of your photo/s make your profile authentic and your chance of getting noticed would increase.

Tinder: Tinder is probably the most popular dating app in the world and also in India. You need to have a Facebook account to get started on Tinder, and once you are done setting your profile with preferences such as age, gender, location etc. and image/s you are ready to start swiping left-right to find your ideal date.

Hinge: This app allows a high level of discretion to its users. The developers of this app have gone to a great extent to make it authentic and reliable as one has to upload of at least six pictures and also has to answer a series of questions which serves as the ‘about’ for him/her.

OkCupid: The user base of OkCupid is growing fast and besides a number of pictures and a self-summary, this app also asks a series of questions for better setting up of one’s profile. There is a “double take” section which works as like/reject, and there is a “discovery” tab which lets you find profiles based on your preferences.

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