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Vegan diet: just a fad or a better life choice?

Vegan Diet: Just A Fad Or A Better Life Choice?

Veganism is fast gaining popularity, not just globally but also among Indians. By definition, a vegan diet consists of plant-based foods and beverages while completely devoid of animal products. The core objective of Vegans all around the world is to eradicate the consumption of living beings and produces which come from living beings. The main difference between Vegans and Vegetarians is the later consume dairy and eggs, but Vegans don’t even use any animal byproducts as foods. Vegans don’t eat meat, poultry, fish, or dairy products and their entire diet is made of veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, and grains.

If you are planning to the Vegan way, you can face a lot of challenges at the beginning. There are a lot of information is available online on this topic and it’s quite easy to get lost in that. You may encounter a lot of questions such as ‘what Vegan food should I eat so that my body gets enough energy?’ ‘What kind of groceries should I stock?’ Here are a few useful tips –

Plan ahead: Before going plant-based, one should do a fair amount of research which might include rounds to the local supermarket. Vegan produces may not be available easily in all the supermarkets; hence you should consider online grocery stores and other available sources to stock up on kitchen.

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