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Street food and healthy? We say, possible!

Street Food And Healthy? We Say, Possible!

Street food is rarely considered to be healthy, not at least in India. The moment we say street food, all we can imagine is over-fried, dripping-in-oil, high-on-carb and stale munchies which are sold by vendors, almost on every busy street of Indian cities, towns and villages.

Let’s face it; we all crave for the yummy street foods once in awhile but what about the consequences? The task in hand to identify the healthier options of street foods for you and it’s a tough job! Let’s see what we have got here.

Sweet Potato Chaat/Shakarkandi

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Come winter and streets of North India will start selling this extremely delicious and healthy snack, called Shakarkandi. It’s nothing but boiled sweet potato chunks tossed in Indian spices, a dash of lemon, salt and pepper. You can simply have plain roasted sweet potato as well. Sweet Potato is an extremely healthy vegetable which aids weight loss and is loaded with Vitamins A, B, C, Iron and other nutrients.

Corn on the cob/Bhutta

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It’s difficult to resist the urge to bite into a piping hot Bhutta being sold on the street when it’s pouring. The great Indian corn is a healthier street snack option which is low in calories, fat, and is a rich source of anti-oxidants. A corn on the cob is best enjoyed when a pinch of salt, chat masala and lemon juice are sprinkled. However, this is eaten in various form in various parts of India. Below is one such hugely popular snack called, Bhutte ka Kees which is widely consumed in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is made of grated corn.

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Fruit Chaat

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Fruits need no introduction when it comes to healthy eating. Almost all fruits are high on anti-oxidants and possibly the healthiest choice when it comes to street foods. It’s said that the best way to have fruits is in assortment. To balance the sweet taste of Indian fruits, you can mix Chaat masala in moderation. However, be careful about one thing, choose only those stalls where freshly cut fruits are sold, it’s an absolutely no-no to eat fruits which were cut long back.


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This one is a mouth-watering Gujarati snack which is made of of gram flour and subsequently steamed. As a streamed variant, it’s healthier as compared to the fried variants. The fermentation of the Daal further enhances its nutritive value. Gujratis love to pair it with green and red chutney and a unique accompaniment called Sambharo which is made of grated raw papaya

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Jhal Muri

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This snack is quintessentially Bengali. It’s a yummier version of Bhel which is eaten in other parts of India. Jhal Muri is a mixture of puffed rice, green chilies, onion-tomato, coriander, secret spices, peanuts and slices of coconut. The dash of mustard oil makes it tastier but less healthy. So, it’s best avoided; instead you can ask for extra green chilies to add to the punch.

Our streets are not full of junk, if we may say so! It takes a bit f research and alertness to choose the right options. So, dig in and let us know your healthy snack recipes in the comment section.

Authored: 9amstories editorial

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