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Healthy Bake Cookies

Healthy Snacking Is Possible!

It’s an eternal struggle of a mother or a wife to plan a balanced diet for her kids and husband. When it comes to snacking, it becomes even a bigger challenge because of the availability of numerous packaged snack options in the market.

A typically balanced meal for an adult individual would always be a combination of good carb, protein, veggies and enough fluid. If you love Indian food, rotis or paranthas made of multigrain Atta and vegetables are good meal choice for you. However, if you like non-vegetarian food, you can try mixing eggs and meat with your paranthas.

The real problem though is the snacking. The ‘in-between’ meals hunger is what always throws you the bigger challenges. Be it an evening snack or a late night cravings, you tend to pick up a pack of chips or namkeens, a bottle of fizzy drink or a chocolate bar. Although there’s not much harm in having them once in a while, if you happen to fall for such traps every now and then, then you should think how you can curb such cravings.

 Cookies, cakes, namkeens – almost everything contains flour (mostly maida). What if you substitute maida with multigrain aata (Aashirvaad Atta with multigrains is a very good choice for you) and bake cookies or cakes etc. It will be doubly awesome if you throw in dry-fruits, nuts, dried fruits etc. into your cakes and cookies.

If you are not a cookie or cake person, you can try fruits with cottage cheese or home-made hung yogurt; for example, split banana and cut strawberry with cottage cheese. Epigamia, Dannon etc are good yogurt brands which are readily available in the market.

It’s not really difficult to eat healthy; all it takes is a little planning and a lot of strong will.

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