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Good morning, India! Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Good Morning, India! Start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast

Next time when you rush out the door in the morning without eating something healthy, remember that skipping breakfast can lead you to overeating throughout the day. Doctors say correctly that a healthy and hearty meal early in the day will load you up with energy, keep your mood upbeat and keep you fit and alert for the entire day.

We Indians are blessed when it comes to delicious food choices, inspired by regional recipes from different parts of the country. Our foods are tasty, flavorful and can be healthy too if cooked in a proper manner.

Here are a few healthy Indian breakfast dishes which are surely going to give your days a powerful kick start.

Green Moong Daal Dosa

Image Courtesy: Best Home Chef

This power-packed dish brings the goodness of cereal and pulse which gives you adequate protein at the beginning of the day. These are thin and crisp Indian pancakes made of Moong Daal and rice which are rich in fibre and vitamin.

You can use par-boiled rice which is commonly known as Ukda Chawal for extra benefits. Another way to make it healthier is to use less oil and salt. This is popularly paired with Coconut chutney, however, you can improvise and can have it with Tomato salsa or Sambhar as well.


Image Courtesy: Archana's Kitchen

Upma is a favorite breakfast dish across the country but it’s more frequently consumed in South India. This dish is made of ‘Rava’ or ‘Rawa’ and can be prepared in very short time which is ideal for working professionals.

You can add vegetables like carrots, beans, green pea etc. to make it packed with vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and iron. Upma made of wheat Rava is digested slowly which keeps you full for longer. The vitamins present in wheat Rava especially Vitamin B and E boost one’s immune system.

Tomato Chila

Image Courtesy: Veg Recipes of India

Traditionally, chila is a thin pancake made of Gram flour and Tomato but you can turn this into a healthier option by using Jowar and whole wheat flour making it a great source of protein and vitamin A. This simple dish, made of either Gram flour or Jowar is full of Protein which can be made tastier if grated vegetables or Paneer is mixed in the batter. Chilas are best enjoyed with green coriander chutney or a dollop of butter.

Palak Idli

Image Courtesy: Onlymyhealth

Idli is one of the healthiest breakfast choices you can make. Idlis are full of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrate and cooked in zero oil which makes them a very healthy dish. However, you can take its health quotient to another level by simply punch in some Palak (Spinach) in the batter. Palak is one super-food for its wholesome nutritional values and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C. It is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.


Thepla is a staple breakfast dish in Gujrat which is cooked using a combination of spices and flavor. It is mainly made of wheat flour, Fenugreek leaves and Indian spices. Theplas are healthy, filling and are also low in calories and saturated fats. Another excellent advantage of Thepla is they can be stored for long and hence can be carried while traveling.

Authored: 9amstories editorial

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