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Wedding Food Trends in 2019

Food Trends To Watch Out For In The Wedding Season!

Wedding season is here and besides all other sweet madness, food is one thing that is going to take the center stage. Let’s see how our plates would look like at wedding feasts:

Regional Cuisines is a hit: Indian regional cooking is gaining momentum and that’s getting reflected on wedding spreads as well. For last few years, in urban weddings, we saw a trend of international dishes in the menu; such as risotto, lasagne, or creme brulee but this year, regional dishes like daal baati churma, bohri samosa etc. are going to be served. We are already excited to sample some authentic regional food.

Moveable food counter: Meal on wheels has become a recent hit among Indians. Besides everyday eating out even modern wedding planners are experimenting with it, big time. Normally, Food trucks are used for serving Indian chaats like pani puri, kebabs, rolls etc. and even for global hits like sushi, mini burgers or cheese fingers,

Healthy food: Healthy eating has become one of the most popular eating styles these days. With increasing awareness about importance of eating right to keep fit, more and more people are considering to take the trend on to the wedding platter as well. From gourmet salads, wraps and rolls made with healthy grains, to desserts which are low on sugar – we are seeing the newest trend setting in,

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So, tie the knot and while we say Bon appétit!

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