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5 offbeat Indian dishes that you must try

5 Offbeat Indian Dishes That You Must Try

Indian cuisine is much much more than Butter Chicken and Rava Masala Dosa and a true food enthusiast will vouch for the variety and complexity of many lesser-known dishes that come from different Indian states.

Every Indian state is blessed with individual styles of cooking and local ingredients and the diversity is simply astonishing. Here are a few uncommon preparations of different states of India which will certainly wake up the foodie in you.

Eromba from Manipur

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Eromba is one the most popular dishes of the north-eastern state of Manipur. Eromba is typically made with steamed or boiled vegetables such as stink bean, yam or bamboo shoots etc., king chili and fermented fish. The look and consistency of this dish are much like chutney.

Suran Chutney from Bihar

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The popular Suran chutney or ole chutney from Bihar is a flavorful yet simple preparation. This dish is made from yam and is rich with mustard flavor. This dish is among the regional Indian dishes which aren’t cooked often these days. Suran chutney is a vegetarian’s delight and easy to cook. The only thing one needs to be careful of is that certain variety of yams can cause itching while eating. So, be careful in choosing yam for this recipe.

Raja Mircha Pork from Nagaland

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The residents of Nagaland love their Raja Mircha or the sizzling Naga chilies. For the inexperienced, this chili is so hot that you should be wearing gloves while handling it. The more common name of this chili is Bhut Jholokia. Raja mircha pork is made from this chili and pork meat. This dish should ideally be eaten with white sticky rice. One thing is for sure that this dish is not for the faint-hearted.

Gushtaba from Jammu And Kashmir

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You may have tasted the more famous Kashmiri dishes such as kahwah, rogan josh or yakhni but you just can’t miss this delicious dish from Kashmir which is called Gushtaba. This delicacy is made with minced lamb meat and lamb. Small round balls of meat are cooked in a rich yogurt based gravy. If you are a non-vegetarian, this is a must try for you.

Bajre Ki Khichdi from Haryana

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This humble khichdi is healthier because it’s made of bajra (millet). This dish is eaten in Haryana and it releases awesome aroma while being cooked. You can try this simple recipe easily at home and this wholesome khichdi will surely warm your heart after a tiring day. You can pair it with raita made of curd.

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