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The story of Bisk Farm

The Story Of Bisk Farm

Bisk Farm is an immensely loved brand from Kolkata which makes mouth-watering biscuits, cookies, cakes and rusks. The brand is a fairly reputed in the market since its inception in the year 2000. The brand is owned and marketed by SAJ Food Products (P) Ltd, a part of the Aparna Group of Companies.

Bisk Farm has gained popularity quite early into their journey and now they rank amongst the top 3 bakery brands in the markets where it is available. The products from the brand are loved by youth and the elderly, alike. Heylo Cookies Butter Melt and Heylo Cookies Chocolate are two products from Bisk Farm bakery which are widely popular.



Bisk Farm is presently available throughout Eastern and North Eastern India, and parts of South, Central and North India. Moving forward, the brand has ambitious plans to expand its territory to the rest of the country.


The brand Bisk Farm has always known for its Innovation in the field of bakery and snacks products.  The brand has always been careful about catering to every palette and it has thoughtfully designed its product range to satisfy all age groups.

Below are a few of their much-loved products:

  • Thin Arrowroot
  • Marie
  • Stikz Chocolate Wafer
  • Stikz Strawberry Wafer
  • Indiaah Masala Mixture (Snacks)
  • Butter Ruskit
  • Jeera Ruskit etc.

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