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Rubco echoes Kerala’s rich culture and valor

Rubco Echoes Kerala’s Rich Culture And Valor

Kerala state Rubber Co-operative Ltd. (Rubco) has a special character in the business arena and it has done something which is beyond just doing business. The company has redefined the way the co-operative sector functions and set the pace for the co-operative movement in Kerala today, the brand’s corporate site says.

Founded in 1997, Rubco started its journey with the objective of effectively utilizing the plentiful rubber resources of Kerala. Today, from a single unit company, Rubco has grown into a Rs.280 crore conglomerate with well-diversified operations and a market presence extending beyond the boundaries of Kerala.

Rubco manufactures and markets a variety of products. Their product range starts from footwear to furniture, from panel board to sleeping systems, from treat Rubber to coconut oil. The brand also manages multiple businesses such as Rubco Hawai Chappal Factory, Rubco Rubberised Coir Mattress Factory, Rubco Virgin Coconut Oil Project, Rubco Rubber Compound Mixing Plant etc.

 Rubco has also entered into technological alliances with world leaders in the respective fields; the brand has done substantial investments in modern manufacturing facilities. Rubco is managed professionally by industry experts and ably supported by a committed workforce.  Rubco is now poised to enter a high growth phase, with several new initiatives that will take the Group on a path of expansion and diversification.

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