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Amar Ujala – First Choice Of New-age Readers In UP & Uttarakhand

There is a popular notion that the new-age readers, especially students are moving away from Newspapers and are turning to social media for their daily doses of news. However, if we go by IRS 2019 Q1 report, we would see that at least in UP & Uttarakhand, significant numbers of young readers, especially students are reading a publication, even now. The publication which is popular among the young readers is Amar Ujala. Around 1.31 crore of readers prefer it over other news papers. 

Amar Ujala is one of the India’s largest newspapers with a total readership of 4.65 crore as per Indian Readership Survey (IRS). Amar Ujala has 20 editions; it is present in 7 states and 1 union territory covering 179 districts. Amar Ujala has a circulation base of 27.11 lakh copies (2.88 lakh copies of variant included) (Source: ABC July-December 2017), it covers Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab, Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh.

Besides the mainline newspaper and the city pull outs, Amar Ujala publishes a number of supplements based on topics like jobs, entertainment, women and others. For example, 'Manoranjan' is a 4 page supplement focusing on entertainment which is published on Sundays across all its editions. Similarly, 'Rupayan' is a 16 page weekly magazine which is published every Friday. This one is a women-special supplement.

Amar Ujala also has a strong presence in Hindi online space. From 1999,  has been one of the fastest growing Hindi news websites in India, which focuses on news and analysis, business, sports, technology entertainment, lifestyle and astrology.

Besides broadsheet and online news website, Amar Ujala also has a books & magazine division.

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