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KIA to hit the Indian road, soon

KIA To Hit The Indian Road, Soon

South Korean Automobile giant Kia Motors is all set to launch their products in India, soon. Indian car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the new arrival. Kia Motors has an ambitious target of being one of the top five brands in India within 3 years after launch. The tentative positioning that they are looking at is as one of the premium brands in mass market.

As per a latest report ( Kia Motors is planning to pre-pone the India launch by 2-3 months and now looking at an April launch instead of July-August as planned earlier. 

The Kia cars are set to roll out from the Kia manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh. Kia has invested USD 1.1 billion on Indian plant and is expected to give direct employment to 3,000 people.

As per another report( Kia ‘s Indian journey is starting with the production version of the Kia SP2 Concept and is planning to launch a new model every six months including a premium hatchback, a compact SUV in the first phase. The SP2 is a Hyundai Creta/Renault Duster competitor and the projected price range of this car would be between Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 16 lakhs.

Rush Lane says - Kia sedan is offered in three trims – LX, S and EX. In European markets, the Kia sedan will have a 1.6 liter GDI engine but in India, however, the Kia Rio sedan will borrow the same engine set up as seen on the Verna sedan.

Unlike other competitor brands like Suzuki and Hyundai, Kia Motors is starting its Indian innings with a bigger car instead of small cars.

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