International Property Show 2017 at Dubai World Trade Center
Top Greek developers among prominent participants at International Property Show 2017-9amstories

Top Greek developers among prominent participants at International Property Show 2017

IPS is ideal platform to identify attractive investment and residency options in Greece

Top property developers from Greece will attend the International Property Show 2017, keen to showcase Greece as a great place to live, with many comparative advantages including climate, culture, geography, history and natural resources.

International Property Show 2017 is a unique platform recognised for direct real estate transactions and onsite deals. The 13th edition of the show will be held from 2–4 April 2017, at the Dubai World Trade Center. Over years, organisers have succeeded in making it a platform for retail property, as it provides smooth and comfortable sales transaction, almost like shopping at a retail store.

Investment in the Greek real estate market is considered ideal at this moment as Greece offers residency through investment options to individuals who wish to purchase real estate or make an investment in selected sectors.



Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in demand from foreigners wanting to purchase a home in Athens. By buying a property in Greece, non-European citizens are granted a five-year residence permit and this is an important motivation. Residency permits are renewable every five years, for as long as you own the property.

“Due to the uncertainty in the real estate sector, and the emergence of first-time buyers, and those looking for affordable housing options, the International Property Show serves as the best platform to showcase these trends and gets onsite responses,” said Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO, Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions, organizers of the International Property Show.

Non-Greek investors account for 30 percent of annual sales transactions in Greek properties. The highest interest has been shown by Europeans, (mainly Germans, Italians, and French), followed by Americans and Arabs.

Housing is a financial asset, an investment and a market commodity. The International Property Show 2017 will put on display affordable housing units that are expected to attract buyers, who wish to benefit from the relatively lower prices.

Top Greek developers among prominent participants at International Property Show 2017-9amstories

“Greece is among the best cities in the world to make sound investment in the real estate sector. We have seen a good response from exhibitors, developers, international investors, and consumers interested in investing in property. The strategic location and an international ambience are the key reasons why Greece is an attractive option for real estate investors, businessmen and travelers," added Al Shezawi.

The International Property Show is the only one of its kind exhibition focused on B2B and B2C meetings and boasts an international reach to explore new vital real-estate destinations that could carry promising real estate investment potential.


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