Realtors - The present and the Future of Real Estate
Realtors - The present and the Future of Real Estate-9amstories

Realtors - The present and the Future of Real Estate

Technological advancements are all around us, making our daily chores and functions easier. Booking a cab or a flight ticket or a holiday is just a click away. There have been reports of technology eliminating human intervention totally but it is clear that a smart combination of human intelligence and technology will remain the key to any successful venture.

With the arrival of technology in the Real Estate Industry, there has been fear that Realtors will be soon replaced entirely by housing portals and websites. The basic functions of a Realtor may be replaced by technology, but the human element will always remain a critical part of a home buying/selling transaction.

In fact, the use of technology will help Realtors to conduct their business in a rapid manner and move towards more closures. Property search websites have empowered the consumer to a huge extent but the role of Realtors has been further enhanced and their demand has grown multi-fold.

Realtors - The present and the Future of Real Estate-9amstories

Realtors will always remain a vital link between buyers and sellers, landlord and renters in the coming years. As Real Estate Transactions become increasingly complex, the Role of a professional Realtor becomes more defined and the benefits of hiring a Realtor far outweigh the fees. Here are my Top 3 Takeaways for you....



1. Balance Complexity with Emotions:

Purchasing a home is the largest big-ticket transaction in a person’s lifetime and this may or may not be repeated in the near future. This makes it an emotion-charged event which they would want to carry out in the most sensible way possible as it has the potential to affect many factors of their lives and could have negative consequences if not handled well.

The physical presence of a realtor assures buyers of practical advice and emotional guidance that’s necessary during its critical decision-making process. Even if property portals give a quick display of properties, it is the reassuring presence of a professional realtor that clinches the issue for most buyers and sellers.

Always remember Real Estate Purchase / Sale / Renting still remains complex due to the legalities & compliances. A Realtor helps you navigate the complexity.

Realtors - The present and the Future of Real Estate-9amstories

2. Get the Humane Touch:

There are a few functions of the Realtor that a property website or a software can emulate to a certain extent. But when it is time to meet with prospective buyers or sellers for your property, convince potential buyers about the advantages of buying your property or checking out the negative aspects of a locality, it is the friendly, neighbourhood Realtor who is irreplaceable.

Many properties need the alliance of a couple of other Realtors too and having a Realtor by the side, can be a real asset in such case. Many exclusive mandated properties don't even come online for a preview as they are snapped up by buyers who are working with their Realtor.

Don't know about the background of that new tenant who comes knocking to seek your property, your friendly neighbourhood Realtor is a call away.... so deal with the one you TRUST.

Realtors - The present and the Future of Real Estate-9amstories

3. Time is money for you as well:

If you are looking for a cost effective method to sell your existing home or buying one, then a certified Realtor is your best bet. While selling your property, he will manage the marketing bit and also filter out the real buyers from the crowd (read fly-by-night “agents”), saving you a lot of heartburn and time.

Since a professional Realtor has a good understanding of the documentation needed to apply for a loan, you will save a lot of back and forth while approaching a lender. His invaluable knowledge of documents while registering your property or paying stamp duty will come in handy and ensure that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

You don't have to spend your precious time managing the nitty gritty of the deal that's already so complex.

Approach a Professional and Certified Realtor if you have plans to buy a property or sell your current one or rent one.
Check if the Realtor is registered under the RERA Act and that he/she is member of the Local/State/National Real Estate Association.
Smart Realtors make efficient use of the advances in real-estate technology and use it creatively to augment the buying/selling process.
Everyone loves a good storyteller and a Realtor is fully capable of weaving an interesting episode around a recent incident, which a portal may fail to identify.

Realtors - The present and the Future of Real Estate-9amstories

A Realtor will enhance the unusual features of a property you would have otherwise ignored and highlighted the benefits of living in a particular neighbourhood. Having a keen sense of business, he will be perfect to analyse the property’s potential to give returns in the coming years, something which an automated portal may lose out on. By using technology to give a fulfilling experience to customers, a Realtor further enhances the quality of services being offered by him.

By: Ramprasad Padhi | President at Association of Real Estate Agents, Mumbai
Courtesy : - Mr. Ramprasad Padhi

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