Nirmal Lifestyle sponsors US Open making them first Indian realty brand to associate with USTA
Nirmal Lifestyle: first Indian realty brand to associate with USTA-9amstories

‘Nirmal Lifestyle sponsors US Open, making them the first Indian brand to associate with an International sports event’

Mumbai: In a historic move, Nirmal became the first Indian realty brand to associate with USTA (United States Tennis Association) to launch US Open branded apartments and academies. Subsequently, Nirmal launched its first sports-lifestyle apartment – US Open Apartments in India. This was first licensing / branded apartment and thus beginning of branded realty in the country.

In 2012, Nirmal became the official partner for the games and the first Indian brand to display on the Arthur-Ashe court during the games. This was first time any Indian brand was displayed in any international grand slam tournament. The move was strategic, with the view to strengthen the association for markets in India and NRI in the USA. Due to the association the branded apartments were recognized as a leading example of innovation and marketing. US Open Apartments was an easy brand recollection for many in USA, UK and Middle East while in India it also became a promise of an active Lifestyle though the project and its offerings.

Dharmesh Jain, President, Nirmal Lifestyle, said, “We believe design is where science and art breakeven. That’s why we design an environment which is both healthy and wise. We inspire active lifestyle through our surroundings and uniquely designed homes. US Open apartments are a step towards introducing an innovative approach for living in the city.”

Brand Nirmal was amongst the other five eminent brands that were on display during the tournament. This also became memorable backdrop for many amazing action shots by tennis celebrities. The 2012 tournament is one of the most memorable moments for Nirmal for being the first Indian brand to be displayed during an International tennis grand slam.



Nirmal Lifestyle: first Indian realty brand to associate with USTA-9amstories

About Nirmal Lifestyle:
One of the leading real estate companies in Mumbai, Nirmal Lifestyle, is a 30 year old Company and has been an integral part of India's real estate landscape. The group has developed numerous landmark projects within Mumbai. The company stands for ethics, experience and expertise. The Company has developed 50 lakh sq feet over in residential and commercial spaces and the group is developing over 10 million square feet in coming years.


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