Delegation Led by CAMIT Meets Transport & Shipping Minister | 9amstories
Delegation Led by CAMIT Meets Transport & Shipping Minister-9amstories

Delegation Led by CAMIT Meets Transport & Shipping Minister over MBPT-Eastern Water Front & GST Concerns

A delegation led by Shri. Mohan Gurnani, Chairman of CAMIT (Chamber of Associations of Maharashtra Industry and Trade) met Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Honorable Minister of Transport and Shipping, representing the problems faced by innumerable establishments of steel traders on MBPT (Mumbai Port Trust) leasehold land. These traders face eviction peril under government scheme of development of Eastern Water Front. The meeting was held today at the Minister’s office in New Delhi along with BJP MLA Shri Raj Purohit.

Highlighting the importance and necessity of trade for the economic development of Nation and MBPT, the minister assured CAMIT that existing occupants will not be disturbed and evicted but a scheme shall be worked out. He further added that traders will be relocated in MBPT area itself and revised rent at subsidized rates will be applicable to the genuine and original stakeholders / tenants of MBPT.

He also assured that utmost care will be taken while executing the new development plan so that no trade or trader will suffer any business loss. The new development plan is yet to be submitted and approved by PMO.

Shri. Mohan Gurnani, Chairman of CAMIT said, “The MBPT and GST announcements have left various industries in a highly anxious state. But the meeting went satisfactorily, and the entire delegation is grateful to the Honorable Minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari for addressing the concerns and offering practicable way out. We are satisfied with the assurances presented.”

The delegation consisted office bearers from CAMIT, BIMA, DISSMA, STEEL CHAMBER AND SUFI.

Shri Hemant Parekh represented CAMIT along with Shri Mohan Gurnani.

The delegation also submitted the various representations received by members all over Maharashtra, specifically issues of disparity in GST rates by All India Electronics Association and The Automobile Spare Parts Association. The minister assured the delegation that he will put up the matter before GST Council and Honorable Finance Minister.



Shri Mohan Gurnani-Chairman of Chamber of Associations of Maharashtra Industry and Trade (CAMIT), along with Office Bearers of DISMA:-Rajiv Khandelwal, President, Shri Ashok Garg- ex President and Amit Patel, Committee Member
BIMA:-Anish Valiya , President and Treasurer of SUFI
BME:-Shri Hemant Parekh, President
Steel Chamber of India: Sanjay Gupta, President
SUFI:-Nilesh Juthani, Committee Member SUFI


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