5 Tips to be a Happy Person
5 Tips to be a Happy Person Image courtesy: http://positivepsychology.org.uk

Who is a happy man?

Have you seen people who generally look happier than the rest? We all have seen them around; people who are full of life, look genuinely positive and are largely unfazed under stress.

They are pleasant to be around, aren’t they?

Life is not a bed of roses, more often than you think it would throw lemons at you; sorry to be straight here, but there will be times when it will bring you to your knees. But these are the times when life puts your guts to test and happy people use the challenges as opportunities to rise and shine.

So what is the secret of happy people? What do they do that unhappy people don’t? Here are some clues:

Happy people were not always happy

Happiness is a choice. No one is happy or sad when they are born. Life poses different challenges to different people and people handle the challenges, differently. The ones who choose to be in control of their happiness don’t generally depend on others or circumstances to be happy. They are the people who are pretty much independent in their thinking and beings. They may have been knocked down many times, but each time, they got up over troubled times with gusto and with a smile!

Happy are they who love their shortcomings

A little imperfection is what makes life an interesting journey! Happy souls know what their shortcomings are and how to come to terms with them. Chasing perfection is highly overrated. Perfection itself is a vague term which doesn’t have a definition or boundaries. It’s all right to go after knowledge and wisdom but chasing perfection is an endless game and can be hugely stressful. Happy people know how to be just happy, perfect or not so perfect.

Happy people don’t judge and are helpful

‘Live and let live’ seems to be the mantra the happy lot follows. They don’t want to judge others because they don’t like to be judged themselves. They understand that wasting time to put others down by judging or being critical is derogatory; the magic lies in efforts to uplift others. That’s what makes a truly happy man stand out.

A happy man finds joys in small things

What we feel when we go on an exotic vacation or a musical concert is exhilaration. Happiness is beyond that because elation or euphoria is short-lived while happiness is a state of mind which is constant. In life it’s not possible to feel euphoric all the time, after all, you can’t be vacationing always nor can you go to concerts every night; but what you can feel constantly is contentment. Contentment can be achieved by indulging in small things. A happy man is a contented man and that never changes no matter what the circumstance is.

Happy people are grateful people

Happy people are the people who don’t forget to remember what they are grateful for. They are grateful that they’ve been given one life and there’s nothing that can make up for the lost time and opportunities. Our time in this world is limited and it’s always important that we thank people who touch our lives every day. Our families, friends, colleagues, strangers who cross our paths; we should always try to acknowledge that some way or the other we all are connected by love, empathy and interdependency.

It’s a good idea to ponder upon the above facts and try to make small changes in our attitude to accommodate more, feel more. That’s a sure way to be happy in life.

Tell us about your happiness story or write to us for more inspiration.

Authored: 9amstories editorial

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