Today's Indians and our eating out habits
Today's Indians and our eating out habits

Today's Indians and Our Eating Out Habits

Indians no longer wait for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays to make plans of dining out. Across cities, Indians are eating out with friends and families more than ever before. Be it for entertainment, love for food or taking a break from home-cooking – Indians are surely splurging on eating out like there's no tomorrow!

Here are a few characteristics of Indians when it comes to dining out:

Young India - Millennial or the generation Y consists of around 65% of India's total population; hence there's no denial of the fact that this segment is driving the shift and is responsible for the latest trends. This set of people is tech-savvy, wallet-heavy and exposed to global cuisines. Over the last decade or so a number of international food joints have set their feet firm in India. Besides that, Indian also has seen emerging of many fine dining restaurants, sports bars and cafes which have been catering to the distinctly different food preferences of the millennial.
A report says that food service market will grow to an approx. size of $77 billion by the end of 2021.

Bring me healthy food – Today's India is young and they want their food 'healthy' sometimes 'organic', the new fad being 'Vegan' food. More and more restaurants are warming up to the idea of serving food which is high in both taste and health.

Exotic cuisine – New India is welcoming global cuisine more than earlier times when eating out majorly meant having regular North Indian foods, South Indian foods or at the most Chinese cuisine. Though a food choice of an average Indian family remains same when it comes to eating out, a section of younger population is ready to indulge in global cuisines such as Indonesian, Spanish or even Greek. However; this is more of an urban habit and availability is a deterrent in smaller cities.

Pubs over regular restaurants – In earlier days, drinking used to be looked down at, especially by the younger population but today it's more about the whole experience of partying and spending quality time with friends/colleagues/families rather than just filling one's stomach at restaurants. Hence, joints serving alcohol and finger foods are on the rise. Sports bars with live screening of Cricket or other games are also becoming popular.

Because of the high per capita income, metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata or Bengaluru have the largest market shares in food serving industry; however smaller cities are quickly embracing the eating out culture with globalization and digital penetration.

Authored: 9amstories editorial

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