5 ways to keep your emotional health fit
5 ways to keep your emotional health fit-9amstories Image courtesy: http://stress.guide

The perfect recipe for a rock-solid emotional health

Emotional health plays an extremely important role in our life. Being emotionally inadequate and edgy often translates into failed professional and personal lives. Life in 2017 is not easy! It is a lot more demanding and complex as compared to what it used to be a couple of decades ago. In today’s time, no matter where we stay, what we do or who we are; we hardly can escape the various kinds of pressure we are subjected to.

One can have a very high IQ but he can still remain unsuccessful professionally if he is emotionally underdeveloped or ineffectual.

What do we do to build a strong emotional health? How easy or difficult that would be?

We all ask these questions to ourselves at some point in our lives; on a dull day, in a difficult phase of life, when we are not lucky to have enough external support. Sometimes, we seek for outside help, sometimes, we turn inward for answers. No matter what we do, it’s important to keep a few basic things in mind while working on improving mental health. Here is a little help!

Being flexible: Emotionally strong people are open to multiplicity. They are people who are open-hearted, unfastened, always interested to discuss possibilities and are rarely dogmatic. If they are stuck in an adverse situation or a difficult spot, they will try to find ways to do better by noticing other people’s reactions and researching about possible ways to move above the problem. Their adaptable nature will keep them open to experiment and excel.

More than often, emotionally healthy people are also them who are amiable and humble.

Let’s ask ourselves, if we are like them? If not, let today be the first day to change it.

Being comfortable within: When you are emotionally healthy, you are comfortable in your own skin. If you are blurry about yourself and your purposes of life, you probably need to work on your emotional health. The first step towards it is to know yourself; your positives, negatives, layers, strengths and weaknesses. Once you have cleared certain misapprehensions and are ready to take the next step towards genuine emotions, you are on your path to recovery

Treating others well: This one is a no-brainer. If you are comfortable and at peace with your inner self, you naturally feel good about the world and the people around you. Treating other people with compassion and kindness is a not-to-be-missed sign of fit emotional health. It can be as simple as smiling and making friendly conversation with the security guard in your building or helping a friend with a small feat when he is in trouble.

Being thankful: There are people who are continuously nitpicking and then there are a few who find good even in bad. Deciding which side you want to be is the next step forward. If you are emotionally healthy, there’s a good chance that you will be an affirmative person. You will be thankful for small gains and will not cry over split milk. In any given day, before retiring to bed, ask yourself this – “Do I see 5 things to be grateful of in my life?” You will be surprised to find more than five!

Being a man of principles: More than anything else, emotionally healthy minds have clearly defined values that they live by. Values that guide their personal behaviors, relationships, social interactions and professional decisions. These are the people who value experiences more than possessions and are always ready to help others on their ways to success.

Emotional wellness is not elusive or hard to attain. One needs to be disciplined and determined to achieve the desired level of mental well-being. Once you know your target, all it will take is a bit of work on daily basis. Push yourself a bit, introspect more often and you will achieve a perfect emotional health sooner than you had expected.

Authored: 9amstories editorial

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